Welcome to West Lulworth’s First Animal Sanctuary

Founded on 11 November 2017. 

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About Us

The Sanctuary

What we are doing at Knights Mead.

Knights Mead Animal Sanctuary is a forever home for sheep, hens, ducks, pigs.

Our Sheep

We currently have eight sheep on site, four are ex breeding ewes and we are giving them a nice retirement, two are rescue lambs which have been with us since they were bottle fed orphans and two are wethers (castrated males).

Their names in order of arrival:

Freckles - the noisy one

Daffodil - the calm one.

Mary - the one that has a blue tag.

Lucky - the one that has freckles.

Porridge - the one that still has their tail.

Pepper - the cheeky one.

Bert - looks like Ernie 

Ernie - looks like Bert

Can you work out who is who...?

Our Hens And Ducks and Their Eggs

We have up to 50 hens and ducks at anyone time.

While not all our hens and ducks lay eggs, when they do we do collect them as advised by the British Hen Welfare Trust.

We are always in great demand for them from local residents, visitors and hens themselves we do leave what we have spare at the gate (normally having been hand washed first).

We appreciate donations for the eggs as this then helps with the cost of the hens and ducks feed however we don’t demand payment. So if you are passing and don’t have any money but would like some eggs please help your self from those left outside the gate and enjoy.


We have four pigs onsite with another on the way.

Bill and Ted are located to the right of the main gate off School Lane and Elsa and Ana are locates at the top of the site next to the hen paddock. 


We are always welcome to those who wish to feed the animals (and we have many lovely helpers that do this). However to ensure what they are fed is safe for them and so they don’t get over fed we require this to be pre-agreed. Please get in contact so we can discuss.

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